Antique Judaica Coins Of Israel


Ancient Coins of the Biblical Lands. This set represents a period of some 1,500 years from the 2nd century BCE until the 14th cent CE, illustrating the turbulent history of this hotly contested region.

Ptolemy, one of the five successors of Alexander the Great, ruled Egypt, founding the Ptolemaic dynasty, of which Cleopatra was the most famous. The Library in Alexandria was founded by Ptolemy II, Philadelphus, 308-246 BCE.

Seleucus, another of Alexander" s successors ruled Syria, founding the Seleucid dynasty. Many of the small bronzes are distinctive in having a serrated edge.

The Nabataeans were Arabs, originally nomads, who controlled the spice trade in the region. Their apogee was under Aretas IV ca. 9 BCE " 40 CE. In 106 CE, they were incorporated into the Roman Empire as Provincia Arabia.

The Maccabeans wrested control of the Land of Israel from Antiochus, the Hellenistic Seleucid ruler, who tried to impose pagan beliefs on the Jews. This victory is ce

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