Automobile Hanukka Collection - School Bus


School days, school days  good old golden rule days  This addition to the American Nostalgia series of menorahs pays tribute to the iconic Yellow School Bus. Remember when beating out your classmates for the most favored seat or getting to sit with the prettiest girl (most handsome guy) was the most important event of the day? Hand crafted with lots of charming details, the metal school bus has been deliberately antiqued for added charm. Nine metal candle cups rest on the roof of the bus. The first candle cup is higher than the others.  Yellow with black and red trim. Wt: 1.95 pounds.  Dimensions: 14" x 5" x 7".

This super cool menorah is part of our unique Automobile Hanukka Collection. These special menorahs are modeled after classic vehicles and are great for Hanukka gifts and are wonderful collector's items. 


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