Bar Mitzvah Family Group


Commemorating one of the most important moments in Jewish family life, this copper bronze sculpture sensitively captures the emotional essence of the Bar Mitzvah family experience. Executed in fine detail, this contemporary piece depicts a mother and a father looking on, lovingly, as their son reads Torah publicly for the first time. With his prayer shawl visible around his shoulders and his head appropriately covered with his kipa (yarmulke), the bar mitzvah concentrates on the unfurled Torah resting on the table before him. In his right hand, and slightly above the Torah, he holds a yad which he uses to guide his reading of the Hebrew words in his Torah portion. To the left of the young boy, his father, also wearing a kipa and a large prayer shawl, follows his son's every word. Mother, in her comely dress and lovely broad brimmed hat, leans in toward the Torah. While her son reads, she rests a gently encouraging hand on his shoulder. Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches.

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