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Blessed Be the Healer 3-Medal Set


ƒ??Blessed is He who heals the sickƒ?? is part of our daily prayers. This new medal conveys the wish for a Speedy Recovery and a blessing for those who practice medicine. On one side of the medal the process of recovery is suggested by the transition from a bent position to a person able to stand straight and celebrate life. On the medal reverse are the words ƒ??Blessed be the Healerƒ?? acknowledging that return to health is indeed a blessing from G-d, through doctors whose work heals the sick. A snake wound about a rod first appears as a symbol of healing in the Bible: ƒ??Make thee a venomous serpent, and set it upon a pole: andƒ??every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live.ƒ?? (Numbers 21:8)

Design: Tamar Tsohar

Medal Specifications:
Metal and Finish: 14k Gold Proof Diameter: 30.5cm Weight: 17gr Maximum Mintage: 120
Metal: Sterling Silver Diameter: 38.7cm Weight: 28.8gr
Metal: Bronze Diameter: 38.7cm Wei
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