Braided Hannukiah


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This one-of-a-kind hannukiah is hand carved in a braided design from  old growth yellow cedar. The carving continues all around the menorah on all sides. It is finished with a deep acrylic wood stain, three coats of lacquer, and polished for long lasting durability and protection. The menorah include glass fittings, which can be used for oil or standard Hannukah candles. They are hand made from Borosilicate (essentially pyrex, heat and shock resistant) glass and can be easily removed for cleaning in brass threaded inserts. Other colors of wood finish or menorah settings can be provided upon request. Hannukiah dimensions: approximately 32cm high x 25cm wide
Hand Carved Menorahs, Hannukiahs, and Judaica This menorah  is  currently  available for sale  and can be shipped out within days. Most available work has been generously discounted.   Each  Hannukiah  is built individually  from the finest materials by Synagogue Furniture jewish craftsmen. We are proud to offer quality  borosilicate glass work. Each bears unique hand carving or glass detail work.  Contact us for more information regarding this hand carved hannukiah or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements. View other similar hand carved hannukiahs
Materials: Borosilicate Glass|Brass|Cedar
Height: 32
Length: 25

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