Brown And White Leather Creative Tallit Bag Tefillin Bag


unique,set of tallit and tefillin bags, made from 100% genuine leather,
two colors of leather are integrated with each other, double sewing by hand,
{decorated sewing } with sutin lining, opens and closes with a zipper in the back,
the words tallit in hebrew on the tallit bag and tefillin in hebrew on the tefillin bag,
are embedded on the natural leather, the bags are suitable for any sizes,
of tallit and tefillin, high level artwork, 100% hand made from the first step to the last,
a product that takes a ful worke day to produce,
something very special that you don't find in every store.
a wonderful gift for bar- mitzvah, or a wonderful wedding gift for him
or just a special thing for you, stays for life
demensions: length40cm, hight 32 cm,

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