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Plastic Mezuzah cases and holders with rubber cork in all size lengths in clear and white plastic in various designs such as shin in gold or silver , Jerusalem and other. Each plastic mezuzah case holder is delivered with double sided adhesive for easy ready mounting of mezuzah on doorpost.  Ideal bulk mezuzah cases and holders for organizations , giveaways and inexpensive gift giving.

Our Judaica mezuzah cases preserve the relationship between the Jews of the Diaspora & Israel to Jewish tradition. Both new and interesting in popular Jewish artistic mezuzah cases  originating from the Land of Israel - ancient and modern mezuzah case designs at a reasonable price.
The continuity of Jewish tradition is important for us all, and at ahuva we endeavor to bring the Jewish spirit to you directly from the "source" - the Land of Israel and Jerusalem. A unique and exclusive set of mezuzah cases in stock from ahuva made or designed by Israeli artists.
מזוזה פלסטיק 12 ס"מ שקוף "ש" זהב פקק גומי
Material :פלסטיק
Color :שקוף.זהב
Depth : 2
Width: 2
Length :10,12, 15, 16,18,+
Size : cm
Minimum order quantities are between 5, 25, 50 based on price.
מגיע עם דבק דו צדדי

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