Bulk Uncleaned Unattributed Ancient Coins


Bulk Uncleaned Unattributed Ancient Coins from Jerusalem Israel. Note: True collectors can make a fortune cleaning , identifying and re-selling individual ancient coins.

  • There are approximately 350-400 coins per kg on average.
  • Truly our final 25 kg inventory of ancient coins.
  • We'll extend a 10% discount on every additional kg above 1kg you buy.
Yes, final 25kg remaining in inventory EVER.

The Antiquities law of March 2015 locked all inventories as registered and everything else is contraband. So we have final 25kg ever - once these are sold, the business has been strangled by the authorities by force of law outlawing free trade in antiquities. This is your final chance, all those who seize the moment merit the ownership of holiding this ancient history in your hand.

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