Cedar Base Synagogue Ark Light


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The glass for this ner tamid was blown directly into the base, which was hollowed by hand to be used as the mold. Lathed from old growth yellow cedar, the mold is transformed by hand carving into a beautiful base for the glass work. The Eternal Light was hand-carved and glass inlayed in four directions. Beautiful golden sun set glass form flows into the empty space. Dimensions: 30cm high by 25 diameter
Order a Ner Tamid for Your Synagogue This Eternal Light is one of a kind and for sale. It can be shipped out within days. Master artisan produces each  Ner Tamid individually from various woods and glass colors. His unique technique for integrating the mold back into the finished product is striking. Each bears unique form and detail work.
Materials: Cedar
Height: 30
Diameter: 25

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