Black Leather Creative Tallit Bag Tefillin Bag


unique,set of tefillin bags, made from 100% genuine leather,
double sewing by hand, {decorated sewing } with white italian thread, sutin lining,
opens and closes with a zipper,
the words in hebrew on the bags
are stamped on the natural leather, the bags are suitable for any sizes,
of tefillin, ( chabad size ) high level artwork, 100% hand made from the first step to the last,
something very special that you don't find in every store.
a wonderful gift for bar- mitzvah, or a wonderful wedding gift for him
or just a special thing for you, stays for life
Add your name cost 2$ per letter
demensions: tefillin bag, 25 x 22 cm
tallit bag 38×32 cm
,quality black napa leather,

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