Zemiros Shabbos Benchers


Zemiros Shabbos Benchers 

This Zemirot is so appropriate for any occasion. Fine silver double border, presents this piece as perfectly classic! Comes in a great handy pocket size of 6.3" x 4.7". This Bencher is available with a white and silver cover, a great choice for weddings, etc. Includes 64 glossy pages featuring full Shabbat Zemirot, Birkat Hamazon & Sheva Berachot, plus some Chassidic songs at the end. In short, An excellent choice!
Tags: Zemiros, Booklet, bencher, grace after meals.

Size: 16x12 cm.
Number of pages: 64
Nusah: Ashkenaz, Edot Hamizrah

Description: booklet containing the traditional service for Friday evening meals and the daytime Shabbat meals with a selection of songs for Shabbat and family celebrations.


It is possible to print on the product a "souvenir of a bar mitzvah, wedding" etc. with the names of the celebrants or invitees.

Price for this service is a one time payment of $39, which is a payment for the price of the Stamp only.

Once the stamp is ready the print on the front of the bencher is free of charge. 

Zemiros Shabbos Benchers 

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