Crowned Ten Commandments Aron Hakodesh


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The Portable Aron Kodesh features hand carved Hebrew letters, aleph thru yad, representing the Ten Commandments. Craftsmen in the studio carved, sanded, gold-brush gilded and permanently afixed to the doors. The Torah Ark is built completely of solid African Walnut with Dovetail joinery and finished with two coats of durable lacquer to continue to be appreciated by future generations. Clients  can easily remove the top box from the base for transporation or use without the base.  We built the base  with modern craft traditional deep mortise and tenon joinery, including visible protruding joinery on the bottom support. Dimensions 70cm W x 240cm H (with the crown) x 48cm D
10 Commandments  Aron Kodesh currently  available

This  Aron Kodesh  is currently  available for sale  and can be shipped out within days. The sale price does include the ner tamid crown, (though slightly smaller than depicted because it is not the exact piece pictured.) The Torah Ark is crowned with a glass Ner Tamid, featuring a gold-brush gilded crown in relief carving, and amber glass set into the back. Light bulb housing is mounted to the top the aron kodesh, which can be pluged in or hardwired. Borosilicate glass handles made specifically to suit the Aron Kodesh and panel doors inlayed with solid brass Brusso scissor hinges.  Craftmen at Synagogue Furniture designed and buit this aron kodesh individually  from the finest materials.   We are proud to offer solid hardwood with strong, beautiful joinery, and durable finish.  Each bears unique hand carving or glass detail work.  Contact us for more information regarding this Aron Kodesh or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.

Materials: Borosilicate Glass|Brass|Glass|Gold|Walnut
Height: 240
Length: 70
Width: 48

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