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Tallit Size Chart

This Chart will assist you in choosing a Tallit size. These are only recommendations based on our experience. There is no specific rule. 

SHAWL STYLE (around the neck and down front chest)

Talit Size (Width x Length) Approx. Height/Type of Person
10 x 45" 3 Ft. - Little Child
18 x 64" 5 Ft. - Bar/Bat Mitzvah
18 x 72" 5 Ft. 6 In. - Tall Bar/Bar Mitzvah
22 x 72" Under 6 Ft. - Regular Size Adult
27 x 72" Under 6 Ft. - Large Size Adult
36 x 72" Under 6 Ft. - X-Large Size Adult
22 x 81" 6 Ft. and Taller - Slim Frame
27 x 81" 6 Ft. and Taller - Large Frame

(Flipped over shoulders & draped down the back)

Talit Size (Width x Length) Approx. Height/Type of Person
36 x 72" Under 5 Ft. - Bar/Bat Mitzvah
48 x 72" Tall Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Small Adult
52 x 72"
60 x 80" Large Adult and Chupah Size
72 X 84" X-Large Adult and Chupah Size
The tallit is a prayer shawl worn during morning services. Although only married men have to wear the tallit, it is customary for men over the age of Bar Mitzvah to wear them.  The tallit may be laid over the marriage canopy or be used as a burial shroud. Before putting on the tallit a prayer is said: "Blessed are You, O Eternal our God, Ruler of the universe, Who has sanctified us with your commandments, and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the fringed garment." The tallit is worn by most on the shoulders, while very religious Jews may wear it on their head. The tallit can be made of wool, cotton, or silk and is knotted on its four corners in accordance with the Biblical law.

Custom Design Your Tallit Prayer Shawl

Classic Traditional Wool Tallit made in Israel. Our Tallitot (Tallesim) are of the highest quality. We carry every size and format of tzitzit strings tied. Usually most tallits are tied in the standard Ashkenaz. Your tallit purchase includes an authentic tag from Israel certified kosher by the highest standards in Israel. Each wool tallit is checked to conform to excellent quality and only we offer every option conceivable from colors sewn on the tallit, strings tied to neckband replacement and lining added.

Choose from a wide variety of traditional, classic, innovative and whimsical styles in a selection of vibrant and colorful designs in our "Bags" section. All are made with ahuva trademark quality craftsmanship on rich and luxurious materials. We will design a best match bag & kippah to match your set. Your tallit the way you want it.

Additional options available on this tallit can be specified in the "notes" box at checkout are:

  • custom tied tzizit strings ( $12 - $22)
  • Lining around head ($8)
  • Fancy Bands ($8/band)
  • embroidery ($1/letter min $10)
  • Classic woven black stripes into the whitel wool tallit.

All options are available on all sizes and since they are custom tied. Custom Design Your Tallit Prayer Shawl

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