Dog Tag Necklace - Jewish Tattoo Necklace


Jewish Star tattoo-influenced dog tag jewelry is classy, spiritual and protective all at the same time. Designed for either a man or a woman, this watchful Jewish Star can guide you through life. Pendant Size: 1 3 4". Long Silver Chain included. Choose Silver chain size for necklace.

hamsa dog tag pendant is truly a piece of art! The details on the hamsa tag are exquisite, with a burst of sunlight and an ever-present tree in the foreground, this necklace is bold enough for a man and elegant enough for a woman.

The tree of Life dog tag necklace was designed in Los Angeles with a local tattoo artist. Trees are representative of life, strength, regeneration and new beginnings. A tree's development from roots to trunk to branches parallel human psyche, body and spirit development.

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