Drink Party Silver Wine Fountain 18 Cups


Drink Party Silver Wine Fountain 18 Cups. Our most elegant Sterling Silver Wine Fountain sure to dazzle any table for the holidays. Featuring 3 Tiers and 18 mini cups with 1 Large goblet. Clusters of Grapes adorn the tray and spouts to match each cup individually. Weight: 2870 grams. 36 cm Wide X 58 Cm Tall. Grape Collection. A unique quality silver item made in Israel. Handmade by silversmiths using the aristocratic and delicate sterling silver, symbolizing eternity and purity. It carries with it soul, the spirit of creativity, tradition thought time and the non compromising promise of professionalism. Each silver item piece is stamped HAZORFIM 925 which is promise of quality. The Grapes Collection inspired by the grapes that in all cultures was symbol of success, prosperity and good humor. Materials 925 Sterling Silver Height: 58cm. Width: 36 cm.

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