Easy Blow Shofar - Blowing Shofar Sounds


Easy Blow Shofar Sounds with this Easy blow shofar. We hand pick our easy blow shofars from our very large stock so you get a superior blowing shofar sound from our all 100% Ram's Horn Shofars. This shofar is hand finished, high quality, kosher, and has a traditional style mouthpiece. The sizes are listed in inches, and are measured along the outer edge of the horn, not from tip to tip. While normal "Classical" Shofars are straightend a the end to make the horn longer, this "Easy Blow Shofar" is cut, where the mouthpiece is the largest. This makes the mouthpiece as easy to blow as a flute. Even children and first time starter are able to get the most beautiful sound out of the horn. On top of it, the shofar is scentless and is left in is most natural condition. Every "Easy Blow Shofar" is hand picked and tested! They are very rare!.Color & Size may vary. Size is measured on the back and curve of the shofar.

Size and shape vary. Approx. 12 - 16" long.

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