EnSoul Pan Pickup 150Hz HPF 20-Inch Lead


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EnSoul Pan Pickup 150Hz HPF 20-Inch Lead

The EnSoul Pan Pickup is specifically designed to amplify any steel or pan drum and produce pure, non-distorted tones. Easy to magnetically attach to the outside of your drum, the EnSoul Pan Pickup is passively powered, plug your amp or effects board into the 1/4-inch female jack. Simply place to play! Padded carrying case included to ensure your EnSoul Pan Pickup arrives at the next gig or practice safely. The optional High Pass Filter enhances mellow and warm tones. The optional Hot model produces brighter and more crisp tones.

Assembled in the USA from imported parts and materials.


Uniquely encased passive-powered transducer
A one-quarter inch female jack
Cloth Buffers, alter Gain and Frequency
Tab-band for drum stand attachment
Item Length: 3
Item Width: 1
Item Height: 1.5

EnSoul Pan Pickup 150Hz HPF 20-Inch Lead

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