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Filigree Wine Fountain Wine Cup Set


Filigree Wine Fountain Cup Stem Wine Set. Available in 6, 8 & 12 Cups aside from the main stem wine cup. Add a touch of regal splendor to your Sabbath table! Here is a centerpiece that will brighten the whole room and entertain your children and guests! After Kiddush, the head of the family pours the wine from the large cup into the fountain. Children and guests can watch the wine get channeled into each small Kiddush cup and everyone gets his own! Your choice of cups in a compact design make this Wine fountain ideal.

The Filigree Collection is a tribute to impeccably designed Yemenite ornaments. Filigree is defined as the art of decorating by using fine silver threads spliced and wound in artistic patterns to from large, impressive silver pieces. According to Yemenite tradition, Jewish artist would create jewelry, while listening to holy verses recited by member of the group. < p>

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