Flared Skirt - Hand painted silk


Silk skirt and matching Top - Hand painted silk Base Materials: Pure Silk Crƒ?›pe Georgette. Our top quality materials are hand painted by our artists in a choice of radiant colors. This one is in a brilliant red and black. The skirt is made up of six panels and flares beautifully to make an elegant fashion statement. This skirt may be ordered in S,M,and L and can be custom made in any 2 colors of choice.
  • Purple Fuchsia, Deep Blues,
  • Turquoise Purple Green,
  • Fuchsia Blue Green Yellow,
  • Bordeaux Blue,
  • Red Black,
  • Grey Beige Orange Black,
  • Brown Blue,
  • Olive Green Purple Brown Bordeaux,
  • Brown Shades,
  • Yellow Orange Purple Blue,
  • Green Yellow,
  • Yellow Golden Yellow.

  • Collections: Israeli Silks, Shirts & Tops

    Tags: Apparel

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