Folding Shtender


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Arti Wood Stains
 wood stain with brown and red coloring arti 486

Arti 486

Warm Brown
wood stain water based

Arti 1845

Brown dash of Mohangany

wood stain arti 1843 with lacquer

Arti 1843

Light Red-Brown

Cherrywood stain for wood arti
Arti 103

Mohagany Cherrywood

dark american walnut

Arti 110

Dark Walnut

Light Honey water based wood stain

Arti 1832

Light Honey

Hand produced from solid African Walnut.   This folding shtender raises simply by lifting the top.   The piece on the inside falls into notches on the inside for 3 different angels.   With a flip of the finger the shtender top comes flat.   All brass hardware beautifully inlayed.   Hand carved on the back and elegant form on the legs make carrying comfortable and convenient.   Highest quality work and materials. Dimensions:   45 cm width x 40 cm in depth, and 14 cm in height

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