Framed Art - Women Of Valor Hebrew


Woman of Valor - The complete text blessing by King Solomon is now available in this gorgeous artpiece framed in gold and available for dedication. A perfect gift for the woman of any home The Jewish family transmits the vibrancy of Judaism from generation to generation. Enjoy the gift of nachas from children and grandchildren for years to come. Woman of Valour Eishet Chayil is from the complete last chapter of King Solomon's Proverbs in a magnificent Framed Print and in the midst of a beautiful Rose stem. This Woman of Valor is shipped beautifully framed and available in authentic Hebrew text "Woman of Valour" 31st Chapter of King Solomon's Proverbs or English and in 2 sizes.
  • Medium 19" x 23" < li>
  • Large 23" x 27" (Deluxe)< li>

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