Gold Roman Glass Hamsa Pendant Jewelry 14 Karat Gold
Gold Roman Glass Hamsa Pendant Jewelry Sterling Silver

Gold Roman Glass Hamsa Pendant Jewelry

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Style: Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
14 Karat Gold
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Amazing 14k gold hamsa pendant , an artisan filigree traditional Yemenite workmanship set with a roman glass fragment with beautiful patina.

The hamsa pendant is very impressive amulet of delicate filigree work.

The hamsa hand or chamesh fingers (in Hebrew) is an old and still popular amulet for magical protection from the evil eye known to draw positive energy, happiness, riches and health. The Chamsa’s (semitic root meaning five) includes five digits and symbolizes the Creator’s protective hand. Five is by itself a number which is known as a protector.


The hamsa, hung on a wall, is a very common ornament in Israel. The use of the Hamsa is part of the Jewish and Israeli folklore and superstition, but it has nothing to do with the official Jewish religion. Of course, many people today display or wear hamsas as ornaments, without giving any thought to their supposed magical properties

Size is 1.55x1.2 inch

chain is not included but can be order

Included with the jewelry will be a certificate of authenticity stating the following: "This certifies that this piece of hand made jewelry is set with authentic 2,000 year old Roman Glass manufactured by the ancient Romans in 2 b.c. The glass was found in archeological diggings throughout the Holy Land. It is authentic and is certified as a genuine antique

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Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold