Kabbalah Artwork - Lamnatzeach Framed Copper Art


A Unique Judaica Art Picture from Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 67 
This picture was made a few decades ago by the artist Shmuel Moskovits in Zafet, Israel. It is made by hand using hammered copper, one piece at a time.
The total size of the picture (including the frame) is 60x90x3.4 centimeters / 23.6"x35.4"x1.3" (width x height x thickness)
A few facts about the picture:
1. Making the picture takes a long time and has to be made with extreme caution since any mistake would force throwing the copper and start all over again.
2. The copper is treated with multiple coats of lacquer to achieve special gloss.
3. The copper picture will last for many generations to come as it has no damage effect over time.
4. The picture was made using special tools that created by Shmuel himself so no other imitation pictures exist or will.
5. The artist has immersed in the Mikveh before starting his work to make sure it is perfect in the physical and spiritual way.
6. Only a few pictures were ever made.  
The sages of blessed memory from the "Kabbalah" are saying:
"All who prays the psalm from the Chanukah menorah every day in the early morning of the day (Before Sunrise), no harm will come to him and will be blessed and loved by God as if he lights the candles inside God's temple and is welcome to the afterlife in peace".
"And all who say it after priestly blessing in the morning during the 7 weeks of the Omer counting, will see many bless in his deeds".
The psalm has seven secret spiritual matters against the seven columns of the menorah:
Grace, Bless, Light, Salvation, Confession, Happiness, Joy.

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