Kabbalistic Fertility Menorah Pendant


This unique hand made jewelry is made of pure 925 sterling silver. Every later in the Hebrew language has a special meaning, the letters "Hei" & "Alef" are taking from the vowel letters (in Hebrew), and they are talisman for fertility and maintaining spiritually The later "Hei" symbolize the name of god. In gematria (the numerical value of the Hebrew letters) "Hei"= 5 , which symbolize the material world in the "kabala" The later "Alef" symbolize another name of god ("the world's champ"). In gematria "Alef" = 1, which symbolize the unity of god in the "kabala". The purple color is made of mixture of red- the physical world, and blue ƒ?? the philosophy world. The purple symbolize the balance between heaven and earth, encourage the development of internal process and melt the physical and the mental block. It is considered to the most spiritual color. The meaning of the MENORA ƒ?? having 7 candlesticks: 2 against the ears, 2 against the eyes, 2 against the nostril and 1 against the mouth- s

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