Laser Cut Mechitza


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Laser Cut Mechitza

This unique mechitza design features wood laser cut decorative panels connected to the structure by a central hinge. This allows each of the panels to be tilted individually to any angle, The mechitzas are portable on wheels hidden beneath the base. Handmade molding was affixed to the bottom panel for an impressive depth. Bass Furniture builds each project according to order. You have the choice of various wood stain colors, height variations, and choice of top material. The price reflects the base price without the top material (in this case the laser cut) per four foot four inch panel for an average size order. The final price will be considered based upon the details of the top material chosen, number of panels ordered and customization of the design.

Portable Mechitzas with Laser Cut Design

This wood mechitza was originally designed for the Lower Merion Synagogue in Balacynwyd, PA outside Philadephia. The dividers are unique in design with their top laser cut panels which can be adjusted to any angle. The panels can be opened completely for the rabbi's sermon, slightly opened for a bar-mitzvah, or closed for davening. The laser cut space between the wood has been carefully balanced between visibility and modesty. We create each mechitza custom according to order, according to the size, style, and color to best suit the project. We create custom graphics for laser cutting with full control over the machining for the most precise and unique product. Contact us for more information about about this product or a custom mechitza built specifically to suit your needs and style.

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