Mahogany Steps Ner Tamid


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This large ner tamid is crowned by six hand blown glass flames. The base is lathed from solid wood African Mahogany. Remarkable craftsmanship in every detail. If you look closely you can see the rings that have been separated from the rest of the material on the wood base. The details make this eternal light an inspiration. Approximately 60 cm high x 34 cm diameter.
Ner Tamids Available For Sale in Wood and Glass Many versions of this Ner Tamid is currently available for sale and can be shipped out within days. Clients can choose from various wood bases, wood types, and glass color. We also offer sandblasting on the glass for greater light dispersion. You can choose from standard lightbulb housing from behind the flames or LED lighting from within the flames. Each Ner Tamid base is lathed from solid wood and mounted with hand blown glass, made individually by artist . Each ner tamid is made individually and bears unique detail work. We will help you to find the most suitable match for your synagogue decor and budget.
Materials: Mahogany
Height: 60
Diameter: 30

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