Movable Torah Table Bimah


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This  portable torah table is set on castors, wheels and can easily be moved around the room.  The torah table top can rest flat or tilt at an angle for various purposes, and both sephardi and ashkenazi torah reading. Two doors on the front open for storage space beneath, and table top opens for storage on the inside of the top as well.  Built from African Walnut. Available in light or dark finish. The table top in 4' wide x 3' deep, set approximately 105 cm from the ground in the front.
Portable Bimah With Tilting Top Synagogue Furniture specializes in portable, durable, synagogue furniture. This portable bimah on wheels is currently available for sale in light or dark finish at a very reasonable discounted price. Shipping is via UPS air with full insurance, custom crating in studio, and tracking number for only $395 from our studio in Israel.    

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