Natural Olivewood Seder Plate


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A one of a kind Passover Seder Plate handmade from local Israeli Olivewood, harvested environmentally and carefully cured in the studio for years before carved.   Olivewood could be up to 1000 years old with remarkable grain structures and polished to show this texture and coated with two coats of high grade two-part lacquer.  Shape carved by hand with traditional curved blade knives and sanded smooth.  Grains and natural shape vary with each Passover Seder Plate.
Ancient Israeli Olive Wood Seder Plates show off the Grain Each Olive Wood Seder plate is produced to order. They are handmade and unique according to the grain structure and natural shape of each piece of wood burl.

Judaica is available for custom seder plate commissions to suit your style and budget. They make wonderful Jewish wedding or bar-mitzvah gifts. They can be personally engraved or designed for you.    The ancient Israeli olive wood is processed in our studio.

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