Portable Shtender - Dark Finish


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The desktop shtender is built from solid African Walnut wood. The top of the shtender is hand carved in the shape of a book. The sefer is held comfortably and the spline does not get damaged. The door in the front opens downward and rests upon the table. A book can rest on the door when it is open for comfortable position while sitting. Includes handmade glass handle. Light, dark, and custom finishes available.  
Classical Table Top Shtender Design Our new portable shtenders, made from solid wood, African Walnut, are available in a dark stain or natural light finish. The elegant design of these amudim allows us to offer our highest quality craftmanship at an affordable price. A few that are currently available for sale and have unfinished shtenders in stock, which can be customized with carving, inlays, or engraving, ready within a week or two. The front opens for storage within the box and also functions to support a book at the appropriate angle. Handmade borosilicate glass knobs are available in the color of your choice. Please send inquiry or call ahuva for currently availability and pricing. 30 cm tall.

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