Prayer For The Children


Prayer for the Children, Family Prayer, Jewish Prayer. A parents profound prayer for the spiritual and physical well being of their children. Chemically etched in brass, 14Kt. gold plated, in a distinguished looking gold frame with a choice of matte colors. All adorned accordingly, and distinctively created by our master artist. Click for close up image.
A basic translation of the prayer is "Our children should be bright in learning, healthy physically and mentally,modest and long life, loved in heaven and by humans, we the parents should live happily and reap their success, they should find their match for marriage easily, and they should only do the right thing that's the will of Hashem.".The gold plated piece is lacquered and open to touch. Size is 15.875" x 14.875". Optional Personalization Dedication plaque size 1 X 3" personalized for that special gift ! A lovely piece at an attractive price.

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