Roosebeck Hammered Dulcimer


Roosebeck Hammered Dulcimer with Hammers, 10 Treble 9 Bass Strings, Rosewood, Double Strung. The Hammered Dulcimer has a beautiful, rich, full sound and has been used throughout the world for many centuries, originating in the Middle East. The name originates from the Latin word dulcis and the Greek word melos, which translates to ƒ?›Sweet Tune.ƒ?›

Accessories Included: One pair of two sided dulcimer hammers that have a leather pad on one side to create a softer sound. Both hammers are lacewood with rosewood trim. Also included is a tuning tool and drawstring bag.

Item overall: 33.5ƒ?› L x 4ƒ?› H x 12ƒ?› W

Body: The bottom of instrument is made of multi-layered rosewood with opening in back that can be used as a carrying ƒ?›handle.ƒ?› The sides are made out of genuine rosewood.

Soundboard: The soundboard is solid lacewood and includes 1 sound hole with a rosewood rosette covering it. The rosette features an intricate vine and leaf

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