Rosh Hashanna Plate


Delicately hand-drawn and beautifully hand-painted by Aviva Haezrachy, this colorful Rosh Hashanah Plate will be a wonderful addition from Jerusalem to your Holiday table. The Plate depicts a garden with birds of paradise and a sea of fish. The glass honey bowl rests on a sterling silver ring. The sterling silver honey spoon which stands on its one stand tilts towards the honey dish. The Hebrew words " Shanah Tovah" are written in gold paint across the plate. Small variations in color or drawings will occur making each plate unique.

Plate Dia: 9 ?¬"
Honey Bowl Holder: H 2 3 8 "
Spoon: H 3 15 16 "
Spoon Holder H : 1 3 8 ". Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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