Seder Plate - Supra in Sterling


Seder Plate - Supra in Sterling Silver. The Supra Seder Plate is a classic piece of silver art which upholds the
tradition and dignity of the commandment to tell the story of the
Exodus. A team of several expert silversmiths work by hand to create
each piece using a number of techniques. Pressing the plate, foil work,
sculpture, and joining the exquisite ornamental decorations to the edge
of the Seder plate before the final grind and polish. This piece is a
considerable investment of time, skill and intention resulting in unrivaled quality and a pure silver Seder plate which immediately
induces the holiday spirit around the holiday table.The Supra Collection
sanctifies the mitzvot and is especially popular amongst those who
revere the commandments. Each item in the collection is a tribute to the
traditions of Jewish silversmiths; pure silver adornments, handmade
decorations and symmetrical geometric shapes precision-soldered by
artists. Honoring the commandment

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