Sefer Torah Scroll On Sale Used / New


Sefer Torah for Sale. Sefer Torah scroll can only be written by a trained Sofer (Scribe). There are 304,805 letters in a Sefer Torah Scroll. If one letter is extra or missing it renders the Torah invalid. Commissioning the right Torah Scroll is important. The Sofer should be a G-d fearing individual, with a nice handwriting. Ahuva Inc guarantees all our Torah for sale scrolls free of any minute errors. If found, we'll correct it for a full year any time free of charge. All Torahs for Sale here have been checked by Sofer and Computer. All of our Torah scrolls are written by certified (Sofrim) Scribes. The Torah scroll is sold completely mounted on wooden rollers and velvet cover. We will call to confirm all orders and availability. Best Value Torah scroll purchases at Ahuva. Click on Close Up View to see a sample Torah scroll already sold.

Stock of Sifrei torah's fluctuate, so when you're serious and ready, contact us with your request and we'll send you sample scans of the Sefer Torah in stock that matches your budget and nusach. We will not be undersold for value.
The options for your Sefer Torah are:
  1. Style 1 = Refurbished Ashkenaz Script
  2. Style 2 = Refurbished Sefardic Script
  3. Style 3 = New Ashkenaz Script
  4. Style 4 = New Sephardic Script
  1. 1 Piece = Sefer Torah Scroll Parchment
  2. 2 Piece = Sefer Torah + Wooden Rollers with Handles
  3. 3 Piece = Sefer Torah + Rollers + Velvet Mantle

We do special requests for every option imaginable for sifrei torahs. Call us to discuss today.

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