Shema Kolenu Menorah Torah Ark


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Shema Kolenu Menorah Torah Ark

The torah ark design is one-of-a-kind, built from solid wood and dovetail joinery. The cherry wood and African Walnut lightly contrast to create an elegant two-tone. Gabriel used a unique technique of wood frame joinery and carving to create the design on the doors. Pomegranates and bells are said to have been featured in the ancient menorah of Jerusalem. The Hebrew text "Shema Kolenu" is carved into the doors, meaning Hear Our Voice. He then carefully inlaid the stained art glass from the back of the doors. The legs can also be easily removed for transportation.

Stained Glass Inlaid Aron Kodesh for Sale

This incredibly designed and carefully crafted Aron Kodesh is currently for sale and can be shipped out within days. Like all our furniture, this ark is unique and there will not be another like it. Bass Furniture builds each product to last and be treasured for generation. The ark is built from solid wood and features deep dovetail joinery. This Aron Kodesh was designed as a set, along with a torah reading table and podium. View the Torah Reading Table, Bimah. Contact us today for more information about this exquisite aron kodesh, the synagogue furniture set, or custom projects.

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