Shopiniana Women'S Watches


A seasonal addition of fashion forward watches ensures your confidence and elegance. Wear this timepiece and be a forerunner of modern age. Anna Mashinski watches inspire you with confidence from both the image you project and the knowledge that you can trust their Swiss timing for years to come. What makes them extraordinary? Ceramics and sapphire crystals " resist scratching . Inlaid Swarovsky crystals - project the beauty of diamonds for years. Swiss parts movement - Proven reliability. Assembled in the United States " Quality assurance Designer " Anna Mashinski " Decades of experience have taught the art of elegance A classy look, keeps its shine and complements any occasion Sleek design dial with four Swarovski crystals; Second hands; Stainless steel floor; Nice unit case and bracelet. Cabinet: black; Bezel: silver; Dial: black silver; Pointers: silver; Logo : silver; Bracelet: black silver. Features:
  • Swiss, quartz< li>
  • Quartz< li>
  • Ceramic< li>

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