Silk Hamsa Plaque Wall Hangings


Raw silk Hamsa wall hangings. Appliqued and decorated with detailed embroidery. Each meticulously sewn in vibrant colors to match any home decor. Absolutely fabulous Jerusalem Embroidered wall hangings that will inspire and decorate any home, office or Temple. The wall hang is shaped in the form of a Shield. Styles include Peace, Ani Ledodi, Middle Eastern Decor and cityscape of the holy city of Jerusalem, with homes, a windmill and palm trees. In the upper half is written the saying, "If I forget you O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither" in English, Hebrew or both. The fringes are made from glass beads. The tapestry may be hung from the attached string. Size: 7" X 4.5" .Easy hang thick cord attached on either side. Made in Israel.

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