Wood Framed Aron Kodesh


One of our most modest and affordable Aronot Kodesh available. The aron Features straight line frame doors and holds two torahs. The aron has been designed to be light, strong, and stable. Includes handmade glass handles of any color you choose.  Available in dark or light finish. Dimensions: 194 cm high x 72 cm wide x 42 cm deep, top box inside: 119 cm  
Traditional Two Torah Aron Kodesh This  Aron Kodesh  is currently  available for sale  and can be shipped out within days.  Each aron kodesh is built individually  from the finest materials by Synagogue Furniture jewish craftsmen. This aron is built from high grade Birch and solid wood panel frames. The doors can include decorative elements upon request. A crown as depicted or ner tamid can be uniquely designed for the top. We are proud to offer beautiful joinery and a durable finish for longevity. Contact us for more information regarding this traditional portable Aron Kodesh or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.
Materials: Glass|Wood

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