Soncino Talmud Hardcover Set


For centuries the Babylonian Talmud has been accessible only to scholars of Aramaic and Hebrew. Compiled by the greatest minds of 35 generations, the Talmud unfolds answers to every pressing question that faced the Jews throughout the ages on agriculture, astronomy, medicine, economics, architecture, mystical doctrine, mathematics, business, physiology, political science, history, metaphysics, prayer and worship, death and mourning, marriage, divorce, sexual relations, and psychology. Two pillars of traditional Jewish scholarship are woven together in the Talmud: Halacha the exposition of Jewish laws and customs, their biblical derivations and their practical application in every realm of human relations; and Aggadah a rich rabbinic folklore, full of legends, maxims, ethical writings, and esoteric interpretations of Jewish law and observance. To those who have studied it, the Talmud is, in the words of the poet, "a book of gems," and only the barrier of language has prevented it from

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