Stained Glass Wedding Invitation Box


Jewish Wedding Invitation Gift Box. What a wonderful memory of your wedding day. The invitation box is a special order made to the size of the invitation and glass is chosen to match the print and paper colorations. The invitation, surrounded by glass, slips into the underside of the lid. The box comes with the invitation already on the lid but you can take the invitation in and out if needed. The bottom of the box has a mirror reflecting the images of glass. A Stained Glass Designs box is easy to identify, since our invitation boxes are the only ones that use bevels bordered with glass along the sides of the box, a design that has become our trademark. The box was be used for an anniversary or engagement announcement as well as a wedding gift.

The price here reflects an invitation that is 7 1 2" x 7 1 2" and smaller. Invitations greater than this size need to be priced separately.

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