Sterling Silver Mezuzah Necklace


Sterling Silver Mezuzah Pendant Beautiful artisan sterling silver (NOT silver plated) Mezuzah pendant on chain, Judaica. The mezuzah pendant is beautifully adorned with a depiction of the Holy city Jerusalem topped by the Hebrew letter Shin which stands for the word SHADAI one of God??s names and initials to the words Shomer Daltot Israel (keeper of the doors of Israel). Hung on a beautiful sterling silver chain. This item was made in the electroforming method.< br>
Measurements: Necklace length: 43cm. 16.929in. < br>
Pendant length: 4.5cm. 1.772in. < br>
Pendant width: 1cm. 0.394in. Weight: 11gr. 0.354oz. < br>
Marks: 925 for sterling silver.< br>< br>

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