Sterling Silver Mounted Bible In Hebrew & English


A unique Sterling Silver mounted bible, written in Hebrew and English. Great sterling silver plaques (made in the electroforming method) mount the cover of the bible. They are both similar except for the inscribing in their midst, one side has the Hebrew words Torah Neviim Ktuvim (The name of the Bible), and the other has the words THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. Around the inscribing are sterling silver illustrations from the bible and at the top are two opposing lions grasping a stone arch with the illustration of the receiving of the Ten Commandments. This great illustrated bible is of Sinai publishing, Tel Aviv, Israel 1996. The plates of this edition are made from the JEWISH FAMILY BIBLE London edition 1881, with the Hebrew and English text revised by M. Friedlander, Principal, Jews College, London.
Measurements: Length: 6.9in. 17.52cm. Width: 5.5in. 13.97cm. Thickness: 2.1in. 5.33cm. Weight: 1018.4gr. 32.74oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and maker.

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