Table Box Shtender


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This lovely table top shtender is handcrafted and carved in solid African Walnut with dovetail joinery and glass inlays.   The carving across the top comes from Tehillim and reads in Hebrew, "He is diligent in his studies day and night."   The shape of its top   is carved to resemble an open book, which is not only intriguing, but helps to support the binding of an open book.   The grains of the wood are matched around the sides from one plank.   Every shtender can be customized or individually engraved with names or pasukim upon request.
Table Top Portable Shtenders Some of the featured images are for sale and others are examples of custom work made to order.  Our natural African Walnut table top shtenders come in a natural finish or dark stain.  The beautiful way the boards match up from one piece of wood shows off the grains and additional dovetail joinery.  Please inquire regarding any of the samples of table top shtenders that are currently available for sale or customization.

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