The Illuminated Megillah


An exquisitely designed kosher Megillas Esther scroll by renowned Judaica artist and Rabbi. In the most elaborate offering since his historic release of Pirkei Avos Ethics of the Fathers, Rabbi Weinrib has captured the profound messages of this beloved text, replete with the visual midrash for which his work is known. Magnificent full color illumination, intricate micrography and the exacting text of the scribe are combined to create a fascinating tapestry of art and research. From the struggle of Yaakov and Esav, through the battles of Yisrael and Amalek, to the trials of current-day Amalekites in Nuremberg, The Illuminated Megillah spans the centuries in a visually exciting and intellectually stimulating masterpiece.
Commentary Volume ƒ?? To fully appreciate the extensive research involved in creating The Illuminated Megillah, a beautifully designed companion volume has been produced. This handsome 9ƒ?? x 12ƒ?? coffee table edition captures each panel of the Megillah, complete wit

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