The Western Wall - Bronze Medal 14Kt Yellow Gold

The Western Wall - Bronze Medal


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14Kt Yellow Gold
14Kt Yellow Gold
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There are people with hearts of stone...and there are stones with human hearts". For every Jew, the stones of the Western Wall are the most precious stones in the world. For 2,000 years, this mute wall has been standing, a remnant of the walls enclosing the Temple Mount, a tangible, unbroken link between the Jewish People and its land. Our sages used to say that the Wall has never been abandoned by the "Shechina", the divine spirit dwelling there. The wall has been the focus of Jewish yearning for Jerusalem. Today, visitors push little notes with prayers and supplications into the crevices of the Wall. This medal commemorates the eternal longing for Jerusalem and the Wall, as well as recent archaeological discoveries.

Ashlar stones of the Western Wall with their typical moss. The Bronze tombac and silver medals bear the passage "IF I FORGET THEE O JERUSALEM" and the source, "Psalms 137:5" in Hebrew and English. The gold medal bears the passage without source.< p>

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