Turkish Spike Fiddle Large


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Large Turkish Spike Fiddle with 4 pegs. Approximately 24 inches long with 4 strings and includes the bow. Made from Beech (Fagus sylvatica) wood. Colors will vary.

Spike fiddles, or rebabs, are part of the lute family. Rebab is an Arabic term translated as "bowed string instrument". Such fiddles date back, at least, to the 8th century in Arabia and Persia. Islamic trading routes helped to spread it over much of North Africa, the Middle and Far East, and Europe. There are two basic forms of the rebab. There are those with wooden pear-shaped bodies to which a neck is attached. Then there are those with a round neck that pierces the gourd body projecting at the lower end, like spike. These usually have a skin or parchment soundboard. Spiked fiddles typically have no frets. They are played, held up-right, with the spike resting on the player's leg or ground. These instruments complement the melodic line by creating a dialogue with the singers

Item Length: 27.5
Item Width: 5.5
Item Height: 4

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