Twelve Tribes Carved Eternal Light


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Artist utilizes a handmade mold to shape the glass. The hand blown glass is a golden color with unique texture.  The African Walnut wooden disc was hand carved, gold guild painted, and inlayed with hand made glass to represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel.   The ner tamid comes ready to hang with light bulb housing and chain. Ideal for intimate settings and low ceilings. Approximately 12" in diameter.
Carved and Inlayed  Eternal Light for Synagogue This  Ner Tamid  is currently  available for sale  and can be shipped out within days. The disc style allow you to interchange either the glass or the wood or other custom form. artist produces each  Ner Tamid disc by  hand on the lathe, hand carves, and inlays from solid African Walnut. The disc ner tamid can be hung or mounted to the ceiling of the synagogue in front of the ark.

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