Twelve Tribes Choshen Elijah'S Chair


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This Elijah's Chair is hand carved in solid hardwood (African Walnut) to elegantly represent the Twelve  Tribes of Israel and inlayed with handmade coloured glass to represent the colours of the breastplate worn by the kohen haGodol.   This is a one of a kind chair with very strong joinery.   It is currently for sale and can be shipped out right away.   The upholstery is produced by one of the best in Israel for a perfect fit with highest quality fabrics and foams.   The tops of the legs are carved and painted by the artist to represent pomegranates, rimmonim in Hebrew.

Order a Solid Hardwood Elijah's Chair

This Elijah's chair is currently  available for sale  and can be shipped out within days.  Most custom work has been generously discounted.   Each  Kise shel Eliyahu  is built individually  from the finest materials by Synagogue Furniture jewish craftsmen.   We are proud to offer solid hardwood with strong, beautiful joinery, and durable finish.  Each bears unique hand carving or glass detail work.  Contact us for more information regarding this  Elijah's Chair  or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.


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