Lilac Clouds Silk Stripes Girls Tallit, Bat Mitzvah Tallit, Feminine Tallit, Women's Tallit Prayer Shawl

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The Lilac Clouds Silk Stripes Girls Tallit, Bat Mitzvah Tallit? - youthful design by ahuva.

This girl's tallit captures the essence of a feminine? tallit? and a? fashion statement that allows its wearer to fulfill the choice to wear a? tallit? while being unique and feeling connected and special!

It is perfect for as a Bat Mitzvah tallit, with its light base and stunning hand painted unique Silk stripes.

This girls? tallit's? neckband (atara) has a printed blessing in Hebrew on matching Lilac? background.? 
This? Bat Mitzvah tallit,? girls tallit? measures 20" by 72".? 
You will receive this? Tallit? in a set with a matching? Tallit? bag and? kippah. The design pattern is repeated on the? Tallit? bag.? 
The? kippah? has a matching color.? 
Our Jewish prayer shawls are designed and handcrafted in Israel with a variety of colors and models, carefully crafted by ahuva from the finest materials.

Custom tallit ?€“ you can order this Bat Mitzvah tallit with a personalized name embroidery on the tallit bag, making it an even more meaningful gift!

Made in Israel
Preparation time: 2-3 days

Shipping options:

We offer SHIPPING by Eco-Post on orders regular air (delivery within? 2-3? weeks).

Non Personalizeditems:
DHL Express\UPS ($25) delivery within 2-3 days once shipped

Personalizeditems (name embroidery on the Tallit bag, customized size):
DHL Express\UPS ($25), delivery within5-10 days? once? ordered.

Also available in? Pink stripes, Deep Blue stripes, Purple stripes.


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