Wooden blocks and letters on wheels


Wooden blocks and letters on wheels

Isratutes launches 'letter dice' - a set of wooden letter cubes - for hours of play, learning, and fun.

Another high-quality development game from Isrotus: A 
special kit for getting acquainted with letters ABC, for identifying punctuation marks and for connecting words. 
The kit contains 30 high-quality wooden blocks, printed on the backs of all the letters A and B, including final letters and punctuation marks.

The dice are arranged in a wooden package containing a tray, with wheels and a pull wire. 
The chassis allows easy storage of the dice. The wheels and wire make the kit portable and play on its own so that children can take the game with them and move with it very easily.

Through the game, the children will be able to learn all the letters, connect them to words and play word games with them.

It is a perfect learning game for children, for developing motor skills, for fostering literacy and enriching imagination and creativity.

"Letter blocks" - much more than just a game.

Wooden letter dice set

Wooden blocks and letters on wheels

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